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Terms and Conditions


    1. General
    a. All orders are subject to acceptance by Fluorescent-High-Bay Sales. - (hereinafter 'FHBS').
    b. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact FHBS for verification.
    c. FHBS assumes no responsibility for the improper selection, installation, use, and/or maintenance of its products.
    d. The terms and conditions set forth herein are in lieu of any and all other terms and conditions expressed or implied including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no case shall FHBS or Howard Industries, Inc. be obligated or liable for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages for breach of these or any other terms and conditions expressed or implied whatsoever.
    2. Pricing
    Unless noted otherwise in writing by FHBS:
    a. All pricing and quotes are based on US dollars.
    b. Pricing is subject to change without notice.
    c. The applicable taxes will be added to invoices. State sales taxes will be collected for the state of 
    d. Written quotes will be honored for thirty (30) calendar days given all fixtures are released for shipment within sixty (60) calendar days from the quote date.
    e. Shipments requested after a quote expires may be subject to a price increase.
    f. Exceptions may be made when specific ship dates are noted on the original quote.
    g. Pricing is subject to change if any accessory, option, or other condition is changed from the original quote.

    3. Minimum Billing

    FHBS's minimum billing amount is $100 (US).

    4. Freight Claims

    Purchaser understands and agrees to report claims for damage, shortage, or errors in material as follows:
    a. Claims for damage and/or shortage caused by shipping must be made by the consignee to the shipper within ten (10) calendar days of delivery.
    b. All items in question must be kept in their original cartons and at the original delivery point for inspection by carrier (upon request).
    c. Minimum Order: $100.00
    d. Freight Pre-paid: $500.00 U.P.C. Item # Model # Description e. If notified, FHBS will assist purchaser as possible with claim. f. Claims involving shortages or errors in material believed to be caused by FHBS will not be considered unless noted on the delivery receipt and reported to FHBS within ten (10) calendar days of delivery.

    5. Returned Goods Policy

    a. FHBS will not accept any returned products without prior written authorization from FHBS.
    b. Return request must be made to FHBS within 90 days of original shipment.
    c. Purchaser agrees to prepay all transportation charges on all returned products.
    d. Credit will be issued at the prices in effect at the time of shipment or at the time of the return - whichever is lower - provided the products are in a saleable condition, are current models, and are listed in the published price sheet in effect at the time of the return.
    e. Purchaser understands that all non-stock, special, custom, or modified versions of normal factory-stock items are not returnable.
    f. If FHBS accepts the returned merchandise and credits the purchaser's account, the purchaser agrees to pay a restocking fee of 25% plus the original freight cost. These amounts will be deducted from the credit to cover the cost of handling and inspection.
    g. FHBS will not issue account credits when the value of the items to be returned is less than $50 (US).
    h. Returns from any one-job order will be limited to no more than 10% of the original job order's value.
    i. Orders for stocked products may be cancelled without any cancellation charges provided FHBS receives a written cancellation request prior to shipment.
    j. Order cancellations for custom products are subject to cancellation charges based on the costs incurred and commitments made by FHBS up to and including the date the written cancellation notification was received.  

    6. Claims Refunds, repairs, or replacement will be at the sole discretion of FHBS

    Reimbursement for any field labor and/or service charges must be pre-approved in writing by FHBS. Refer to our product warranty for more information.


    HID Lamp only orders, minimum freight allowance $500 FHBS reserves the right to select shipment point or origin and method of transportation and routing of shipment. Orders of less than $500 will be shipped and billed to the customer. Freight at the time of purchase is estimated and not charged. Actual freight amount will be charged at the time of shipment.  For air freight or premium freight on orders over $500 FHBS, will add the premium freight charges, less normally incurred freight charges.